Cublast is a minimalistic and fast-paced platformer which takes your nimble navigating and puzzle-solving skills to the next level! Play a wide variety of single player levels or let your friends join in with local co-op and versus!

That's not all, Cublast HD has a built-in level editor and community which allows you to explore your creative ideas and enables you to share these with players all around the world.

Store Links

Cublast HD is available on Steam

Cublast HD will be available on Xbox One, early 2018



Play exciting and challenging levels that progressively get harder each stage!

Local Co-op

Play together with friends in special designed levels for our Co-op.


Beat your friends and rivals in Versus, settling who's better.

Level Editor

Build levels to your hearts content, your creativity is the only limit.

Accents & Themes

Customize the game to your taste, with custom accents and themes!


The top 5 highscores are displayed per level. Want to be seen, get that highscore!

Instant Replay

Replays are saved! See how you and others performed!


Share your created levels and get them rated by players worldwide!


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